A Tale of True Love: The Sunday Breakfast Machine

Declarations of love don’t need to include fancy jewelry or romantic vacations. Sometimes all it takes is a little thoughtfulness and a lot of elbow grease.

English retirees Peter Browne and Mervyn Huggett, created an impressive Rube Goldberg machine capable of cooking a full breakfast. They call it the ‘Sunday Breakfast Machine.’ Their device is reminiscent of one a person might see on Wallace and Gromit or Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

During the construction of their device, Peter took on the role of the mechanical engineer while Mervyn brought his electrical expertise to round out the project. Together they put in 1000 hours over 3 months to build and test the machine.

Peter walks us through the Sunday Breakfast Machine’s production process in the video below.

The first item on the menu is a soft-boiled egg. It’s dipped into a small beaker of water and heated for exactly 3.5 minutes. Once the egg is removed from the boiling water, it’s gently placed inside of a serving dish using an automated scoop.

But it wouldn’t be a proper English breakfast without a cuppa. A piping hot cup of tea is made using a small boiler moving along a conveyor belt.

You might then ask: How are the bags dipped into the water?

Good question.

There’s a small electric motor that lowers the teabags in and out of the hot water until the tea is ready. As Peter pointed out, the machine can also “make a good cup of joe” should there be a request for it.

Peter and Mervyn’s breakfast machine truly shines when it comes to making toast. A culinary dance begins when the toast is placed between two metal grates using a clamp system. It moves back and forth over a heated surface, being flipped every so often until the bread is crisp, lightly browned, and ready for some sweet marmalade.

And who are the lucky ladies who benefit from such a device? Their lovely wives!

Peter acknowledges that this machine is “meant to make people laugh,” but he also knows that it has to work correctly. Otherwise, what would be the point?

Peter and Mervyn, we salute not only your dedication to your wives but for coming up with an ingenious way of showing your love through food.