Those project deliverables that keep piling up on your to-do list?

Kiss 'em goodbye with a One & Done Sprint.

Life is chaotic. You know you should be working on landing page content, running ads, writing emails, and focusing on all things marketing.

But your to-do list keeps growing. It’s hard to concentrate on one thing, much less 10.

You open your inbox to find yet another brilliant “we should try this…” that you promptly put into an already overflowing “ideas” folder.

And you’re afraid to look at Asana because 50 tasks await you. Each day is filled with meeting after meeting, leaving you with even more to do.

Something’s gotta give.

You need help getting all of these deliverables done, as in yesterday.


Your to-do list is about to get shorter.

Because when you book a One & Done Sprint, you can knock out one of these tasks:


Mini Funnel Package

Launching a new product or service or attending a trade show?

Get and nurture your leads with a landing page, thank you page, and welcome email sequence.


Customer Research Analysis

Your customers are the key to great messaging.

This sprint pulls and organizes valuable customer insights into a jam-packed messaging recommendation report.

A One & Done is all about giving you another set of hands when you feel defeated, under the gun, or close to burnout.

It’s a block of time that’s 100% dedicated to completing your project. At the end of 14 days, you’ll have a solid marketing piece you can use immediately.


One & Done Sprints are 112 hours of work you don't have to do.

And involves three steps:

Step 1: Get the details

Before starting your project, I need to get some answers only you have. After booking your One & Done Sprint, you’ll receive:

  • An online form to fill out about your business and;
  • A link to schedule a time for two 15-30 minute meetings: a kickoff and a review.

Before our first kickoff call, I’ll review your responses so I’m ready with any questions to clarify the scope.

Step 2: Start working

Sit back and chill because you have one less thing to do. I’ll work on your deliverable throughout the first week and ping you with any additional updates or questions. 

Step 3: Review and refine

We’ll have another quick call during the second week to review the project in progress. Then, I’ll make any necessary edits before handing off the final deliverable to you at the end of your One & Done Sprint.

Teni gets our company. She’s completely invested in getting to know who we are and what makes us tick. Every time we work together, the process is seamless because she does her due diligence to stay on top of our industry.”


Kyle Strahl, KEYLAY Design


You can still be a high performer without doing everything on your own.

And if you’re wondering if a One & Done Sprint is the right fit for you and your business, let’s discuss.

You might need a One & Done if:

  • You’re a small business owner who constantly questions your life choices as you do the work of three people.
  • Your daily task list swells with each passing day as important deliverables get pushed further down.
  • You have zero hours available to write emails and landing pages, but you can spare a few minutes to kick off someone else.
  • Your existing copy could be great and hit those sales targets if you had more insight into your customers.
  • Your coworkers are stretched to the max, and no one has any capacity because their list is just as long as yours.

You might not need a One & Done if:

  • You have no idea which deliverable needs to be completed first or which business problem it should solve.
  • Your project is much bigger than what can be done in two weeks. In this case, we can discuss it one-on-one here.
  • You don’t need anything written, but you need help figuring out why your copy stops people from clicking, downloading, or buying. For this, a Copy Spotlight audit is a better fit.
  • You can’t commit to being available to discuss your project or attend the kickoff or review calls.
  • You’re okay with waiting for your project to go through the cogs of an agency or a freelancer on Fivver who won’t give it the attention it deserves.

One & Done Sprint

Two solid weeks dedicated to reducing your to-do list.


Easy booking. Secure payment. Limited spots available.

I wanted to thank you so much for the work that you did on our email campaign. We have gotten a LOT of positive feedback. Several people have already reached out to get information and many bookings are in the process of being confirmed.”


Ken Thaxton, Ken Thaxton Mediations


Answering your questions before you take back control of your days.

How much should I expect to spend on this? 

Each One & Done Sprint is $1500 for a two-week engagement.

When can we start?

You can choose your preferred start and project completion date. As a note, a limited number of slots for One & Done Sprints are available each month. Your One & Done officially begins after we have our kickoff meeting.

What if I need more time to complete the form or reschedule our meetings? 

Gotcha. If you’re here, then life is beyond busy.

Let me know if you need to reschedule the first kickoff or final review meeting, and we’ll find a new time to connect.

Remember that your One & Done Sprint begins once we have the first 15–30-minute kickoff meeting. If this meeting is delayed, it affects your project’s completion date.

Can I review the work before our final meeting?

Of course! Since your project has a quick turnaround, I aim to have the first round of copy for you to review ASAP. You can expect to see it at the end of week one.

Then you’ll have a couple of days to provide feedback so I can make edits and complete them before then end of the second week.

Are you going to send me a ton of emails about this?

Nope. You’re filling out the form, and we’re having a kickoff meeting, so I don’t have to ask you a bunch of questions.

With that said, I’ll send an occasional short project progress report so you know where everything stands. And if there’s anything urgent, I’ll email you about it.


In two weeks, we'll make a big ol' dent in your list and get more of your time back.

One & Done Sprints give you the peace of mind that your list is actually getting shorter. It’s taking the deliverables you haven’t been able to do and doing them for you.

Instead of staring at your screen and deciding which of your 10,000 tasks takes the highest priority, it’s a nonissue.

You’ve delegated the heck out of your work and protected your time. And you’ve done it so you can perform at a higher level than you are now.

So, finally, you can feel like you’re making progress in your business.

One & Done Sprint

Two solid weeks reserved just for you to shorten your to-do list.


Easy booking. Secure payment. Limited spots available.