VegGi Presents Corn & Rice-Free Options

Sustainable Food Brand Makes Gluten-free Eating Easier with New Product Line

San Francisco, CA – Today, VegGi introduced Nuudle, a new line of gluten-free, pseudo-grain noodles, cereals, and breads. After listening to customer feedback, VegGi discovered many of them sought a wider range of gluten-free options without corn or rice. To fulfill the desires of customers, Nuudle will incorporate buckwheat, millet, and amaranth as the base ingredients in this new product line. 

VegGi will continue to source these ingredients from farms in Colorado, Peru, and Argentina with environmentally-responsible cultivation practices. Their commitment to providing customers with healthy, organic products extends into Nuudle’s new line, which uses minimally processed ingredients. 

“What we’ve heard from many of our customers is that—for many reasons—they don’t want to eat gluten-free foods containing corn or rice. Many are concerned with the higher glycemic value, and others are seeking more nutrient density. So with Nuudle, we’re meeting this demand by using high-quality ingredients that nourish the body,” said Luc Docker, VegGi Chief Product Officer. “For people who have issues with gluten, it’s difficult for them to find products that aren’t full of fillers. Nuudle goes back to basics with breads, cereals, and of course, noodles people can imagine their great-grandmothers making from scratch,” added Julie Choi, VegGi Marketing Director. 

While developing the Nuudle, VegGi focused on delivering a range of nutrient-dense, products to:

  • Give people with intolerances or sensitivities an alternative to eating their favorite gluten-free foods without using corn and rice. 
  • Utilize the nutritional value of ancient non-gluten grains that naturally contain protein, B vitamins, and minerals without any additional fortification.

Nuudle will be available in stores throughout North America beginning this fall 2016. For more information about Nuudle, visit

About VegGi:

Based in San Francisco, CA, VegGi provides products to customers with special dietary needs. Since 2005, VegGi has produced and manufactured a diverse line of foods for vegetarians, vegans, and flexitarians. With a focus on the environment and preservation, the company partners with growers who practice sustainable farming and cultivation. Their dedication to serving customers and creating a better world extends into VegGi’s extensive selection of certified organic, additive-free products. In 2009, VegGi received the Company of the Year award from HFFI.