Supercharge your business with conversion messaging

Stop struggling to digitally transform your business. Get data-backed conversion copy that pairs your products with confident messaging buyers can’t ignore.

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Teni Hallums

B2B Digital Messaging Consultant & Copywriter


Think of all the time you’ve spent thinking about your business’s online presence

Time spent wondering how to persuade decision-makers to buy your products and understand your position in the market.

With days, weeks, and even years wasted on ineffective copy that doesn’t give buyers any reason to believe your business is the right fit for them.

Figuring out where you stand in your industry and translating this online is the hard part.

But with a straightforward process, you can give yourself permission to throw out the shaky messaging responsible for stagnant sales.

Turn your positioning into crystal-clear messaging that cracks the conversion code

Whether you’re selling prefab kitchens to hotels or magnetic wire to the energy sector, your site’s visitors have to realize how perfect your parts, software, and equipment are for them.

And it needs to happen as soon as they hit the page, which means you have to lead with people-first messaging.

Moving businesses past the sales plateau

“Teni gets our company. She’s completely invested in getting to know who we are and what makes us tick. Every time we work together, the process is seamless because she does her due diligence to stay on top of our industry.”

- Kyle Strahl, KEYLAY Design



How do you learn what's special about your products that make customers love them?

It’s a simple question with a complicated answer.

And it’s why my process is backed by Voice of Customer (VoC) research. It makes sense of what people are saying about your products – and your industry.

It involves tons of investigation and hard data, not wild guesses and hacks. This detective work ensures that the discussions you’re having with customers are the ones they need to hear.

The Full Circle Process takes the “we’re not sure” out of your sales copy


Step 1: Uncover the Details

We’ll start off with a call where I’ll learn more about your business.

Then I’ll dive into Voice of Customer research to get to the nitty-gritty of what your customers are thinking.


Step 2: Organize and Write

After collecting and organizing all of this data, I’ll write and wireframe the copy based on your KPIs and conversion best practices.


Step 3: Put It to the Test

To see how effective your messaging is, I’ll test, validate, optimize, and repeat until the copy is working hard for you.


Step 4: Track the Results

After copy implementation and launch, the story isn’t over yet. I’ll analyze the results of your web, landing page, or email copy to bring everything full circle. 


Break the old rules of marketing with “people-first” messaging

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Web Copy

Keep customers from feeling like they’re digging for gold on your site with web copy that speaks their language.


Landing Page Copy

People are taking a leap of faith when they hand over their information online. Decrease their risk with messaging that shows them they’re in safe hands. 

Email Copy

Hands down, clear always beats clever. Let’s replace confusing or boring messaging with email copy destined to engage customers throughout your funnel.


Got the traffic, but not the sales? Book a Copy Spotlight audit

People are coming to your site, but they aren’t buying. And your existing copy could be the reason why. Book a Copy Spotlight audit where I’ll comb through your website, landing page, or sales page and optimize your most important messaging.


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